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Why shop with us?

One account - your favorite malls and retailers

Tired of managing your passwords for all the mall and retailer apps out there? Hop on to ShopPass - your passport to Rewarding Experiences

Do you find form filling a hassle?

Hate holding up the queue while signing up for a new program? We do too, so we created ShopPass to do it for us with permission based sharing!

Finding it a hassle to keep your data updated?

With ShopPass's easy profile updating service, we update your trusted businesses on your behalf.

Struggling to remember which malls/retailers have your data?

Keep track of profile previously shared, ShopPass monitors your Data sharing history so you always know who has your data.

Are you a retailer?

Trusted shopper identifier

Build relationships with your shoppers using our technology, the benefits of a card system without the cost

Reduce operation overheads

Stay focused on delighting and converting your customers, leverage on our services.

Reduce data entry error

Are your staff and customers spend too much filling your sign up forms, ShopPass delivers the information you need securely, accurately.

Up-to-date shopper profile

Keep your customer database up to date? Let ShopPass tell you when your shopper moves!

ShopPass connects
people and retail businesses

  • Self-management of individual profile and privacy
    across multiple malls/retailers.
  • Free for Shoppers. At all times, users are in
    full control of their data.
  • No marketing to Shoppers or participation
    in any form of advertising.
  • Seamless, secure & privacy preserving
    identification of returning shoppers by
  • One time filling of form for membership signup.
  • ShopPass instantly connects Shoppers to all
    participating malls and retailers.

Personal Data
Management, Simplified