ShopPass is an online management account that provides shoppers with a gateway to a wide range of digital services offered by the retailers and shopping malls in Singapore, enabling users to hold a single unified account and password when connecting and transacting with various service providers.

Our Principles

  • ShopPass is a pro consumer service that helps individual to manage their profile and privacy across multiple malls/retailers.
  • It is not a marketing platform, does not market to consumer and participate in any form of advertising.
  • Mall/Retailer can identify returning shoppers using ShopPass - seamless, secure & privacy preserving (no need for photo ids, govt issued IDs)
  • Shoppers no longer need to repeatedly fill up lengthy forms asking for the same information to signup for membership programs
  • ShopPass instantly connects Shoppers to all partcipating malls and retailers
  • It is free for consumers and we will never sell/share their data without permission. At all times, users are in full control of their data.

Our Shopper Promise

  • Single account to securely access multiple malls/retailers
  • Permission based profile sharing
  • Easy profile updating
  • Keeping track of profile previously shared